Sunday, March 7, 2010

Visit to Khabolu Ghat

On 07-03-2010 Himangshu Saikia and I went to Khabolu Ghat.It was about 18 K.m. from N.Lakhimpur town.The Grassland of Khabolu Ghat is rich in various types of Grassland and migratory water birds.It was a clear sunny day and temperature was moderate.On way to the Ghat we have recorded 56 nos.Barheaded Goose Anser indicus inside the subansiri river.

Barheaded Geese
The Bar Headed Geese Anser indicus were feeding in the water and were slowly moving in the gaggle towards the land -45 OF THEM !!!-we counted. We lay on the grass and were absorbing the sun and the scene before us.Then a cry to our right startled us we turned to witness another 11 of them gliding to the first. Mind boggling. We are accustomed to migratory water birds, but this.....!!! We took pictures with a nikon digital camera crippled to binoculars. These guys breed in Ladakh in the pristine pure air.Khabolu is just their dining
table- Assam their winter resort

Unpaved tracks to Khabolu.

Unpaved tracks takes you to khabolu then crossing Subansiri,then Luhit and the Brahmaputra. Finally Majuli,the World Heritage Site and the largest river island inthe world.

Traditional dugouts with 'soi'

Sporadic bauhinias 'kanchan' in full flush by the wayside.

Traditional Fishing Net 'Tongi Jal'

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